Gentle Learning Preschool’s classrooms provide a variety of high interest centers to encourage young students to learn while playing! Much of a young child’s knowledge comes from interaction with the surrounding world, direct experience with real objects and talking about experiences and ideas.

Learning is fun at Gentle Learning Preschool! We weave Kindergarten Readiness skills into our daily activities. Arts and crafts introduce little learners to the concepts of color, shape and space. Science is explored through hands on experiments, mixing and cooking. Play in the sensory table exposes our students to different textures as well as measuring and volume. Math is developed through sorting, counting songs, comparing and patterning. The development of fine motor muscles necessary for writing happens while manipulating play dough and building with table toys and blocks. Self-expression is encouraged throughout our room but is especially fun in our dramatic play areas. Our kiddos run, climb, pedal, jump and slide daily on our playground or in the motor room on cold or rainy days to allow for gross motor development.