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Our Kids Day Out program is designed to extend your child’s preschool day. Bring a lunch and then spend the afternoon playing with preschool friends! Each unstructured afternoon allows children lots of time to explore new toys, make new friends and practice their large motor skills on the playground or in the motor room. This program follows the Gentle Learning Preschool calendar and those attending must by toilet trained.
*Payment Schedule: You have the flexibility to sign up for whichever days you need. Upon registration, you can elect to pay for a single day, a whole week, month or semester. You can select as many days per week as you need! Your child must be signed up at least 2 days prior to days attending.
  • Age: 3-6 Years Old
  • Days: Monday-Friday
  • 2023-2024 Dates: September 5 - May 16
  • Time: 11:45am-3:00pm
  • R/NR Fee: $19 per day*

Afternoon Fun with Friends!

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