A developmentally appropriate early childhood education experience teaches children social skills, fine and gross motor skills, language development, classroom and readiness skills, and foster a love for learning. Because many of our children remain with us throughout their preschool years, we have developed a curriculum to define the differences between the intellectual, social, and physical needs of each age group.

Our 3 and 4 year old programs stress the importance of social/emotional development, listening skills, problem solving, and critical thinking. Many of these skills are introduced at the 3 year old level, and reinforced and expounded upon during the 4 year old and 5 day/week programs, thus preparing the 4/5 year olds for entrance into kindergarten.

  • Introduction of colors
  • Introduction of basic shapes
  • Mastering first name recognition & encourging printing of first name
  • Recognition of numbers 1-10. Begin patterning, sorting, pairing, etc.
  • Introducing the use of scissors, teaching grip & procedure
  • Introduction of letters of alphabet
  • Art projects reflecting creativity and development of fine motor skils

  • Reinforcement & mastery of colors
  • Review of basic shapes & introduction of more complex shapes
  • Mastering first & last name recognition & mastering printing of first name
  • Learning numbers 1-20; elaborating on & introducing more math concepts (comparing, positioning, etc.)
  • Mastering scissor cutting skills (procedure & accuracy)
  • In-depth exposure to alphabet through games & activities
  • Responsible for all aspects of art projects, including more
    complicated cutting